Oppo with camera under the screen? Closer than expected

After have seen a few days ago the prototype of smartphone with camera under the screen at the Oppo Inno Day 2019, today new rumors arriving from China suggest that the device is closer than expected.

Oppo with camera under the screen? Closer than expected

Oppo screen camera

One of the display manufacturers for Oppo, Huaxing Optoelectronics, has in fact revealed to the Chinese media that the technology that allows for a perfectly functioning camera under a display will go into mass production and will be ready for commercial use in 2020.

Already the prototype shown by Oppo adopted a new flexible AMOLED screen produced by Huaxing Optoelectronics. This display is better than those used previously as it produces few reflections and transmits light in a much better way. As you well know, light is very important when it comes to taking pictures.

Oppo screen camera

Less light passes through the screen, less light will reach the sensor, so in fact we would have poor quality photos. Almost as if they had been taken in the dark even if in reality the light conditions are excellent.

In fact, several smartphone manufacturers interested in bringing this technology to their devices already know that the lens on the camera will have to have a larger focal aperture just to get more light to the sensor.

oppo sensor under the display

In any case, the new technology could be equipped on the next Oppo Find X2. The Find X series is the most advanced of the Chinese brand and is the one that has surprised the world with various innovations, such as the sliding mechanism. So it is likely that Oppo is waiting to refine this further innovation to finally present the long-awaited successor.

In conclusion, if there is a brand in the world that can bring the "under display cameras" to the market, this is Oppo. The most exciting part is that according to the display manufacturer, the launch date is very close!


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