OPPO: here's when and which models will receive the ColorOS 7

The updates of smartphones, not only related to security patches but real firmware upgrades, are always a burning and delicate theme able to ignite the soul of the most peaceful technological user. Often some mobile phone manufacturers also play on this factor, releasing far too many updates and fixes, putting in a bad light companies that instead prefer to give away firmware rollouts only if necessary. On the other hand, if a system is well calibrated and reliable, is it really essential to update?

Having said that, I expect your opinions from you in the comments box below, but we come to the news that interests OPPO smartphone lovers, which has just published the updated roadmap relating to the upgrade to the new ColorOS 7, software interface presented by the company last November.

coloros 7

The update began to peep out on some models starting from January but following the recent epidemics due to the Coronovirus that shook the whole of China, the ColorOS 7 development team experienced a setback, therefore leaving users waiting for the coveted update with bated breath. Fortunately things are starting to turn again and OPPO through a press release on Weibo, has confirmed the new roadmap relating to the updates that will come and that will bring ColorOS 7 on the brand's devices.

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OPPO: here's when and which models will receive the ColorOS 7

We reiterate that what was planned by the company in November was completely disrupted, given that the general activities of each company slowed down if not stopped. So let's find out the updated list of OPPO devices that will receive the new ColorOS 7 and when the rollout will begin for them.

coloros 7

For convenience we report the table in the image in text form with model and release date:

  • K5 - February 22nd
  • Reno Z - February 26th
  • Reno Ace + Reno Ace Gundam - March 10
  • Reno 10X Zoom + Reno Barcelona - 10 March
  • R17 + R17 New Year - 10 March
  • R17 Pro + R17 Pro New Year + R17 Pro King Custom - March 10th
  • Reno 2 - 10 March
  • Find X + Find X Lamborghini + Find X Flash Charge Edition - March 10
  • Reno + Reno Inspiration Edition - March 20
  • Reno 2Z - by March 31st

For models whose release had already started in January, the roll out will resume on the date reported in the document. The table refers to ColorOS 7 in China therefore for Global models the wait is even longer, probably from mid-April onwards, but of course we are waiting for more details from OPPO.

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2 years ago

Indeed, the roll out was already late before the coronavirus problem broke out. Anyway, we look forward to it because I believe that ColorOS 6.1, although not badly made, requires an aging and an adaptation to Android 10 as well as an adaptation to European tastes.

2 years ago

Hi I am in possession of oppo 2z they say that in July the update to os7 was planned but still ⚓no news 📰 about it?

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