These are the Oppo Enco W31: cheap but powerful TWS headphones

At the beginning of the month, our beloved brand announced a new financial service exclusively for China. His name is Oppo Cash and allows you to draw on common sources of investment, loans or insurance. At the same time, the brand launched a teaser or, better said, quickly showed a new product. These are the Oppo enco w31, a new type of headphones on the false line of Oppo Enco Free. Compared to this there are some substantial differences both from a design and price point of view. However, Oppo quality does not fail.

The Oppo Enco W31 are a new type of true wireless headphones announced by the brand but not yet presented: low cost but exceptional

Although they have not yet been launched on the market, we have a photo that captures them in all their beauty. Yes, because as we said before, in addition to the lowest price, these are characterized by a decidedly unusual design. It is not only the headset itself that changes but also the charging case.

tws oppo enco w31 headphones

Let's start by talking about custidia immediately. This will appear round, unlike what we are used to seeing. In fact we usually only encounter casket or oval cases: these are instead perfectly circle

. Once opened you can see the protagonists: two headphones with wand design. From them they have one round base, and not flat; but the shape of the headset at the top is striking. Although they are in-ear headphones, part between the rod and the rubber is very large. Perhaps this choice is dictated by the fact that you want to offer comfortable headphones that go to to stay “hermetically” in the auricle.

Of the Oppo enco w31 unfortunately we do not yet know the specifications and prices except that they are the first TWS headphones with 13.4 mm ultra-dynamic speakers. Obviously their release is scheduled to begin in China and only later in the rest of the world.

But tell us: do you like this slightly extravagant style?

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