Oppo extends the warranty of smartphones due to the coronavirus

One of the worst wounds in recent years is this cursed one coronavirus, Alias carrion virus. Let's say a plague not so much for the death toll, which is ultimately relatively low, but for the Chinese economy. In particular that relating to technology and therefore also to smartphones, will not be affected poco. As far as possible, brands cater to users and Oppo, in its own small way, has decided to extend the warranty period on your smartphones precisely because of this coronavirus. To be specific, we speak of riparazione products.

Oppo decides to meet users and extends the warranty period for smartphones to be repaired

This morning, February 11, Shen Yi Ren Vice President of Oppo, announced through Weibo brand measures to extend the user warranty period. Below is the post published by the company officer.

or coronavirus guarantee

In order to avoid the situation in which Oppo products under warranty during the serious epidemic situation cannot be repaired in time, the company has decided to extend the warranty period of the smartphone, With the promise to continue updating it based on the development of the epidemic situation

. This means that Oppo, through this guarantee measure for users in difficulty with coronavirus, could also decide that the period up to March 31 is dilated. Obviously this measure only concerns China.

Oppo protection services include repair for the screen breakage, insurance for the replacement of liquid crystals, repair or replacement of the rear of the device and in general all those services included in the package Oppo Care. As mentioned, the period will expire on March 31, but it is said that, given any complications, it will be extended.

This Oppo measures as a guarantee against coronavirus is nothing new. Other brands have also moved in the same way, although someone has even decided to close the hut.


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