Oppo Find X2 is finally shown in the first REAL images

We had a very short week if we think about all the news regarding Oppo Find X2. We managed to trace the probable price of the Pro variant; finally understand the true specifications; above all we managed to have a meter of comparison to understand how high its cost will really be. To date, several images have come out, including official and unofficial renders, but we have never been able to see what it will really look like. Never until today. In fact, the promising shots that immortalize the new device in all its beauty are online arrival on March 6th.

Finally the first real photos that show us all the sides of Oppo Find X2

Unfortunately these shots that are shooting show only one color, but we know that the device will be available in multiple variants. What we show you is military green: a very nice color as it is rarely seen on mobile terminals. In addition to the rear side we can also see the top of the front panel.

To strike first of all is the huge vertical traffic light in which the three cameras are housed. These have different resolutions according to the model: the standard will be formed by sensors with 48 + 12 + 13 megapixel

while the Pro will be made up of sensors with 48 + 48+ 13 megapixels. The most attentive to detail will notice that Oppo find x2 will have a kind of serigraphy in the rear lower left corner, where the brand name will be shown. This writing will surely be laser engraved.

Turning to the front, we see confirmed the curved edges of the front panel. Here is housed a single camera under the display, small in size. This will have a resolution of well 32 megapixel, placing itself (after Oppo Reno 3 Pro) among the first places for resolution of the front sensors.

We are not going to tell you all the other specifications that are now clear. But we want to reiterate that this device is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful that we will see AT LEAST for the first months of 2020.

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