Oppo Find X2 Pro: how to solve the Widevine L1 problem and see HD content on Netflix and Amazon

Certainly Oppo Find X2 Pro it is one of the best, if not the best, top of the range around. If we put him in the ring, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro e OnePlus 8 Pro the struggle becomes arduous. From the constructive point of view nothing to say: the device is excellent, no defects, right weight and well balanced. But from the software point of view is it the same thing? Well, not really since there has been a problem since its birth: can count on Widevine L3 certification but not on L1, the one you need to see HD content on the different streaming platforms. But don't worry: we know how to solve it.

A big problem plagues Oppo Find X2 Pro: the lack of Widevide L1 certification for HD content. Here's how to solve it

To be more precise, the Widevine L1 certification Oppo Find X2 Pro it would have as well but it is not "unlocked". Several manufacturers have been able unlock through an update but it seems that Oppo does not want to give us this little joy. Seriously, it's not that I don't want it, but that you have to physically act on the device to have this certification and the XDA explains how to do it

. It is a matter of entering a sort of secret code with which smartphones should leave the factory. Here, Find X2 Pro does not have it and should be sent for assistance. By installing though Widevine L1 Installer the problem is solved.

The XDA senior member trapcoder666  managed to get his hands on the internal tool used by Oppo technicians to install the secret keys related to the Widevine DRM. Nicknamed "Widevine services", The tool is available as a generic and Android application it does not require any type of authentication. Just load the apk on your device, click on “Install" And that's it. Clear your cache and the Netflix / Amazon app data would be useful to force the app to see the new Widevine level.

Source | XDA

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