Oppo Find X2 Pro reviewed on DxOMark Audio, one of the best ever

The famous DxOMark photographic benchmark site, which recently also specialized in the audio sector, has just released the complete review of the audio sector that we find on board the Oppo Find X2 Pro.

Oppo Find X2 Pro reviewed on DxOMark Audio, one of the best ever

Oppo Find X2 Pro audio DxOMark

Let's start with the score obtained by the Find X2 Pro, that is 74 points. This score places it among the best devices ever reviewed by DxOMark regarding audio performance. With the smartphone that seemed able to attract the attention of the listener, especially when watching movies or games, thanks to the strong presence of the bass, together with a pleasant quality, a high volume, a good localization and very few artifacts. Having said that, DxOMark found that the mid frequencies are inconsistent and rather muffled, which, together with a closed sound, alters the remote quality, as well as the precision of the bass.

From the recording point of view, however, the Find X2 Pro would be the best smartphone in all sub-categories. We have good bass recording, exceptional amplitude, discreet volume reproduction and very few artifacts. So the smartphone offers reliable performance, especially in noisy or complex environments. The only drawback seems to be the maximum recording volume and once again the relatively inconsistent mid band.

Let's go now to see all the pros and cons divided by category (reproduction and recording).



  • Excellent overall performance
  • Very deep bass band
  • Outstanding performance at low volume and when playing movies
  • Good localization
  • Great impact in games thanks to strong bass reproduction


  • The middle band is rather muffled and inconsistent due to the lack of mid-treble
  • The attack could be more precise and the vocal content seems slightly distant
  • Bass precision is affected by a slightly rumbling sound
  • Performance in normal and maximum volume games is lower than other high-end devices



  • Good overall microphone performance
  • Good performance in noisy environments
  • Great amplitude in live video
  • Good volume performance
  • Good background rendering, even for complex scenarios
  • Very few overall artifacts


  • The timbre performance is reduced by an inconsistent average band
  • In selfie videos, the amplitude is poor and the location is compromised
  • In simulated use cases, resonances on high-end frequencies are worrying
  • Lack of bass extension with high SPL recording

What do you think of the score obtained by the Oppo Find X2 Pro? Have you had the opportunity to test the smartphone too? If yes, how do you like it?

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