Oppo Find X2 Pro: a new Special Edition with camera under the screen

At the beginning of the year our favorite brand launched a real bomb: Oppo Find X2 Pro, the king of the top of the range at the moment. This device is giving a hard time to the most famous devices even if, in terms of price, it is a bit out of the way. Recall that even in July the smartphone in question is remained at the top of the AnTuTu ranking, confirming itself as a champion of performances. Other smartphones belonging to the same line came out with him, including the Lamborghini Edition. Well, it looks like another one has been patented special Edition. Let's see it together.

The king of elegance Oppo Find X2 Pro has a new Special Edition: this patent shows it in all its beauty

We learn about this patent thanks to the staff of LETSGODIGITAL who rearranged the images and arranged them well. Thanks to them we can see this Oppo Find X2 Pro Special Edition in all its facets. There are five models shown on the patent and each differs from the other for some small details. But it is not so much the differences of one or the other model that strikes, but one thing that unites them: the camera below the display.

The particular rear finish is reminiscent of the leather OnePlus Concept One: this special smartphone had a rear shell covered in stitched leather, maybe vegan as in the "basic model". According to the images we see above, this Oppo also seems to have the same plot. To suggest this are the seams straddling the two colors. The shape of the two-tone design changes from model to model: in the first case it is straight while in the second, more elegant, it follows the line of the vertical traffic light. Among the five models that are presented in the patent there is one with a rear traffic light completely different from the others: the position of the LED flash is moved from the bottom of the traffic light to the left of the same, at the top.


oppo find x2 pro special edition with camera under the screen

This is to give space to that trapeze-like with red reflections which is truly spectacular. Note, in this model above, the Italian flag on the right. Perhaps it is an exaggeration to say it, but probably the leather finish (or imitation leather) is a made in Italy product.

The latest model, the fifth in order, even has a vertical traffic light outline that is different from the others: this is indeed a elongated hexagon and not a rectangle with curved edges. Now let's move on to the most important feature: the front camera. There is no trace of a pop-up camera from the photographs showing the top edge; there are no notches or holes of any kind. This patent refers to a model with camera under the display and therefore transparent. Earlier this year, Oppo's president Brian Shen announced that it would take some time to develop such technology. As we have seen in first prototype created by Opponeither the image quality nor the technology to make the hidden camera completely invisible were mature.

It will certainly take time to improve it and make it 100% operational. In the meantime, however, we enjoy with these images.


Source | CNIPA

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