Oppo Find X2 will count on a powerful but exclusive wireless charging

The clues that the bloggers and the CEO of the brand give us about Oppo find x2. In particular, today we continue to talk about battery. To celebrate Valentine's Day we have revealed to you how the company's next flagship will ensure prolonged use thanks to the battery and software optimization. In fact, according to what revealed by the CEO Shen Yi Ren, the device at maximum of its potential manages to give us four and a half hours of use. But if nothing has been said so far about HOW this battery will be recharged, today we know: Oppo Find X2 can count on a wireless charging decidedly powerful, therefore fast, but exclusive right.

Oppo Find X2 will have a proprietary 30W wireless charging combined with the 65W wired one

As reported by the well-known and reliable Chinese leaker Digital Chat Station, Oppo Find X2 will be a battery champion thanks not only to recharging 2.0W SuperVOOC 65, but above all thanks to wireless charging from 30W. There is a small problem though: this refill can only be used by him.

oppo find x2 wireless charging

Based on what we see in the images above, the device, according to the blogger, will carry one 30W wireless charging

, thus remaining at the top of the ranking. In fact, since Xiaomi Mi 10 it only has 50W wired charging, Oppo Find X2 remains on the top of the most powerful smartphones and quick to recharge.

La ColorOS 7 which we will find by default on the device in question, will allow us to choose at what time to disable this type of connection and whether to use it at certain times. The most curious thing, however, is the fact that Oppo has decided to make this recharge EXCLUSIVE. What does it mean? In the image on the right, at the bottom, we see written as the wireless charging is supported only by Oppo: this means that if we have a Qi base from another brand, we will not be able to use it to recharge Oppo Find X2.

The decision is very strange and confusing among users. Why decide this? If it really did, and we believe it will, Oppo will oblige users to purchase the proprietary Qi base. It is not a very correct move on the part of the company, but basically when it comes to exclusive products everyone looks in their own kitchen garden.

Oppo Find X2 specs

Specifications Oppo Find X2

As for the other specifications, it is known that it will be equipped with 2K screen, will be able to register video in 8K resolution, will use a Sony photo sensor made especially for him and therefore unpublished, it will equip the very powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and will allow you to see colors with one maximum depth of 10 bits. It will also be possible to set the display refresh rate at 120Hz.



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