Oppo Find X2 will use the brand new Sony IMX689 (leak)

We had you a few days ago premature that Oppo was collaborating with Sony to bring a latest generation sensor to the next Oppo Find X2. Today that rumor seems to have been confirmed by the Chinese press.

Oppo Find X2 will use the brand new Sony IMX689 (leak)

A leakster on the Chinese social network Weibo would have revealed that the smartphone will use a sensor developed by a collaboration between Oppo and Sony. This sensor would come with the name of Sony IMX689 and would be the first sensor with "all-pixel omnidirectional focusing" technology. The sensor would then have a resolution of 48MP, but the most interesting data is the physical size of the sensor itself, we are talking about 1 / 1.3 inches. So definitely bigger than both the previous series, the IMX500, and the more recent IMX600, which instead have a maximum size of 1 / 1.7 inches.

Oppo Find X2 cameras

In the image above, borrowed from the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 which adopts the Samsung ISOCELL HMX 1 / 1.33 ″ sensor (and 108MP resolution) we can see the real difference between 1 / 1.7 ″ sensors and precisely 1 / 1.3 ″. Of course, as most of you know, having a sensor with a larger surface area increases the amount of light captured. From a practical point of view, this means that in low light or dark conditions, the larger sensor will be able to take significantly better quality photos.


In any case, unlike Samsung, Sony seems to have chosen to increase the size of the sensor, rather than the number of pixels. So we will have to wait for samples to understand how it behaves during real use.

Oppo find x2

Oppo Find X

But the main sensor of Oppo Find X2 was not the only one to be leaked online. The same leakster has also revealed that on the Find X2 we will find a secondary sensor always Sony, the IMX708 with ultra wide angle lens and a third 13MP camera with 5X optical zoom. Finally, in front we will find a 616MP Sony IMX32 for selfies.

What can I say, Oppo seems to have focused everything on photography with the next flagship. Are you happy with this decision? Let us know in the comments section below!

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