Oppo Find X2: the CEO suggests 10-bit color depth

When we talk about quality displays and screens, we almost always refer to Samsung. In fact, the Korean company is the largest panel manufacturer in the world and sells its own to all other brands, Oppo e Xiaomi included. But what not all users know is what is underneath the panel, in terms of colors. Generally a good quality panel has one 8-bit color depth but it seems that Oppo has decided to bet further with Oppo find x2: the CEO has indeed suggested a real revolution for the display of the next futuristic smartphone. In a post on Weibo he asked if it was worthwhile to mount a display with 10-bit depth.

Oppo Find X2: the CEO suggests 10-bit color depth

With the following post, the account of the CEO of Oppo threw the bomb and sparked a myriad of comments. The most popular users immediately wondered how much the price of the device will arrive, should it mount a panel with 10-bit color depth. The answer is obvious: quite a lot. In its time too the first Find X didn't cost poco and the same will apply to his successor.

oppo find X2 10 bit

Before describing briefly what it means and what it entails, we want to emphasize that it is absolutely not official that the device in question integrates this type of technology. Just as it is possible that will not have the camera under the display, it is equally likely that the panel on board Oppo Find X2 will remain "standard".

Let's start talking some numbers: 1 billion against 16.7 million colors. This is, in a nutshell, the difference between an 8-bit and a 10-bit panel mounted on a computer monitor. But what leads to this huge gap? First we must keep in mind that the bit depth determines how many "shades" of red, green and blue we show on a display and technically (but it is not really 100% valid since there are other variables in play) the more bits we have the better.

oppo find X2 10 bit


Basically the passing from 8 to 10 bits will allow the eye to see less clear shades and a smoother gradient, therefore a less abrupt transition between one and the other nuance. In fact, the number of bits indicates the number of shades that can be displayed on a specific panel, for each color (red, green and blue): 8 bits correspond to 256 shades. What we can expect based on the question posed by the brand CEO is that the only device that can support this technology is the next one concept phone by Oppo.

Try to imagine the realistic color depth which we can enjoy with the next top of the range of the brand ... what do you think?


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