Oppo Find X2 won't be up, but will be more powerful than a Reno Ace

In the last period we are receiving news about the next top of the range and concept phones with the dropper Oppo find x2. We wholeheartedly hoped that it would integrate one camera under the display but unfortunately it was denial. However, we have confirmation of a latest generation display that will give the user a unique experience, especially thanks to the 10-bit color depth. But will this device be really perfect in everything? In the last few hours many colleagues and many users have commented on a post on Weibo by Shen Yiren, the brand's CEO. In this post he replies to a blogger who comments in a very positive way Oppo Reno 3. Let's see what it says together.

Oppo Find X2 won't be up, but will be more powerful than a Reno Ace

What is being considered a lot is, of course, what the CEO has communicated: that is, the device in question it will not be all this finesse (in terms of thickness) as Oppo Reno 3 is. We know that the latter device set the record as a more up-to-date device 7.7 mm thick. I go through a post on Weibo though, Mr. Shen said that Oppo Find X2 will be more powerful than slender.

oppo find x2

To the comment (the one below) of a user who particularly appreciates the latest smartphone of the Chinese giant, Shen Yiren replied that there is not a single "success"

(as is Oppo Reno 3), but more than one. The choice between these "successes" represents the end user awarenessFind X2. He then goes on to say that if a user wants one top configuration Find X2 Reno Ace or Oppo Find X2if you want something instead Find X2 Reno 3 Pro.

But what does the owner of the Chinese company mean? Yes, no doubt he wants to confirm that all the technology on board the next concept phone Find X2 will not make it a featherweight. In a sense, this was already expected, given that even its predecessor is not exactly a dragonfly. However, what we didn't understand right away is that the device will be a record performance. The comparison with Reno Ace it is done deliberately because at the moment this is the most powerful smartphone of the brand.

oppo find x

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If we want we can venture that Find X2 will also surpass Xiaomi Mi 10 whose benchmarking were leaked by poco time and are scary high. In short, we are about to see the release of a revolutionary device from many points of view.


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