Oppo: FreeVOOC, contactless wireless charging, is possible

We know that the charging technology, the one we have seen with the AirVOOC in the case of Oppo, it will be the future. In a sense, the brand anticipated this future by arriving at record power of 40W adopted by Oppo Ace 2. No one had succeeded before but the company does not want to be eaten on the head by anyone. The race, in this sense, does not end with 40W but continues and indeed, the participants are more aggressive than ever. Oppo can count on the father of high-power wireless technology, namely Zhang Jialiang who in a recent interview announced that the FreeVOOC, remote wireless charging, it's possible in terms of technology.

The FreeVOOC, announced as a joke by Oppo to celebrate April XNUMXst, is actually an existing and possible project

Let's do some order and proceed in chronological order. At the beginning of the month Oppo decided to make us a nice April fool by announcing Oppo Infinity. This revolutionary device, in addition to a whole series of exclusive goodies, also carried the FreeVOOC. This technology would allow the brand's concept phone to recharge without the need for contact with any base and without the need for a cable. An aerial recharge if we want.

oppo ace infinity april fool

In a recent interview, which we leave you below, Oppo's charge manager admitted that this type of technology is actually not a dream

. At the level of infrastructure, of technological possibilities and projects, the one we nicknamed Aerial wireless charging is very feasible. The barriers to achieving this type of recharge do not concern the concrete possibilities in doing so, but a whole series of legal implications. In fact, as reported by the manager Zhang Jialiang, the real putting on the market is blocked by safety, laws and regulations that do not yet exist but above all the costs.

In fact, this type of technology, although already existing (this we understand from the words of the officer of Oppo), is still a prototype and consequently the mass production is not possible. If this is not feasible, the costs are obviously very high.

Recall that in the presentation video of FreeVOOC aboard Oppo Infinity, one was named charging power of 5 / 10W to a maximum distance of 10 meters.

Obviously this type of wireless charging will not come soon and if it did, as anticipated, the costs would be prohibitive. We hope that the brand will continue to work on it to bring it to us as soon as possible.

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