Oppo Inno Day 2019: router, AR glasses, home automation and proprietary processor

Today Oppo held one of the most important conferences regarding the technology she developed, theOppo Anthem Day 2019. Not only did it give guests the opportunity to test the prototype of Reno Ace with camera under the display, but also presented new products. Chen Mingyong, the name to which the CEO of the brand responds, has also drawn an imaginary line on which the Chinese telephony giant will move to make room in the world of technology. We know how fierce the competition is and in fact our company has also decided to take the same steps in order not to be left behind.

Oppo Inno Day 2019: router, AR glasses, home automation and proprietary processor

In recent years all the major brands have decided to expand its offer in order to avoid leaving the market unguarded. All new products fill not only this market, but also different price ranges. Examples of all are Xiaomi and Redmi: while one tends to higher-end products, the other tries to offer medium range at affordable prices. In a sense also Oppo has decided to do so, though Realme clarified of don't be the sub-brand of the Chinese giant. In any case, today Mr. Chen's company has proposed a lot of innovation with the cry of "Create Beyond Boundaries".

The first product we are talking about are the Oppo AR glasses.

Oppo AR glasses

According to reports from the company, Oppo AR glasses can obtain a three-dimensional reproduction and are equipped with 3D surround sound, using diffractive optical waveguide technology to obtain a high transmittance. Present multimodal interactions like gestures and speech recognition. In terms of software, Oppo AR glasses also come with various AR content, games and services. The brand claims that AR glasses are thinner and lighter than Hololens but in spite of everything he did not reveal any further information about the device. We could see it for half 2020.

Oppo 5G CPE router

The second product that has aroused a lot of interest is the Oppo 5G dual mode SA / NSA compact CPE router. Thanks to this the company proposes to enter the field of home automation


The company's vice president said that the CPE 5G will become the "connection node”In the future home with Oppo home automation. Users will only need one 5G SIM card to allow the device to work. This device is moved by a processor Snapdragon X55 and supports dual mode SA/NSA (standalone and not standalone). The devices compatible with this portable router are more than 1000 and they are also included ZigBee e Zwave. Obviously it supports bluetooth technology.

Oppo M1 proprietary processor

As we had already announced poco some time ago, Oppo intended to produce its first smartphone processor, the so-called Oppo m1. Having the brand absorbed several figures from MediaTek and Spreadtrum (Unisoc), it seems that it is already ready for the big step. Or rather, the CEO has announced that the company is already able to develop its own chip and will market it in the near future. As mentioned above, we may know something more about the next year during theMWC 2020 in Barcelona in February as the brand's big guys said nothing more today. Or it is plausible that we will have news during theShanghai MWC in June, or al Semicon China, always in the same year but in March. The only thing we know for sure is that the processor in question will allow you to use the 5G connection: it is Liu Chang, vice president of Oppo to say so. Finally, he always brought out something related folding devices: there are many projects in the pipeline, but for now still nothing concrete if they do not have their own OS.

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