Oppo introduces ColorOS 7.2: here are all the new features

Yesterday we attended the Chinese presentation of the brand's new smartphone, that is Oppo Reno 4 and Reno 4 Pro. The device is characterized by a design which, unfortunately, is already known but which tries to break the mold with those rear cameras. Until now, in fact, we have never seen a sector with three such large cameras. One thing outside the box, albeit not the same, has been seen with Meizu 17 and 17 Pro. But the Reno 4 series was not the only one to debut yesterday: in fact the brand also introduced the ColorOS 7.2, the new update of the custom skin of Oppo.

Here are all the news that we will see with ColorOS 7.2: improved artificial intelligence, new algorithms and Oppo LAB

As anticipated yesterday, the Reno 4 series relies heavily on the video department and the first features of ColorOS 7.2 that we are going to see is precisely this aspect.

New Moonlight Night View algorithm

According to reports from the company this algorithm is the first homemade and it was decided to implement it immediately on the Reno 4 series. Thanks to the new functionality it will be possible to run video in night mode with a brightness greater than 75% about and a 34% more clarity than before. This means that if while previously only with photographs we could have excellent results, now also with videos at night we will have the same results.

coloros 7.2 new algorithm for night video

Another novelty that we will see with this update will be the possibility of shoot in 21: 9 movie mode. They will also be introduced 10 new filters from movies, new templates, options for arranging parameters such as compensation, brightness and so on. In short, a movie camera in the palm of a hand. Likewise also the mode Soloop will be integrated with all these innovations in particular with the ability to automatically recognize the rhythm of the music imported on a given video.

coloros 7.2 video film mode

Energy saving mode updated

It is no secret that the battery of a smartphone, albeit large, is what worries us most. Apparently Oppo has decided to further improve the efficiency of the charging cell with the new mode of energy saving. According to what reported, three distinct functions will be available: “Super Power Saving mode","Smart Power Saving mode"And"AI Application Preboot".

coloros 7.2 energy saving

Using the former will come automatically adjust the CPU frequency based on usage; the second mode will allow you to reduce the consumption of all those basic functions like chat or even creating videos; the third option will become necessary when the device will be super loaded with apps and their launch will tend to be very slow. This introduces us to another very interesting feature or the pre-launch of the applications through the AI.

Application pre-launch

In reality, this functionality is already integrated in ColorOS 7.1 and in all the best skins around. Oppo has understood, however, that when a smartphone is too charged, a "extra push". Thanks to this function, with artificial intelligence the smartphone can learn to control energy consumption in certain scenarios. According to Oppo's tests, the speed of opening applications like Tencent Video and Taobao (two of the most used apps in China) is increased by about 50%.

coloros 7.2 pe launch applications

Clearly, this function also has a positive impact on battery life.

Oppo LAB

This is perhaps the most interesting feature of all. Who knows very well the MIUI will be aware of the existence of MIUI LAB. Oppo has decided to implement a similar function. Through Oppo LAB the true brand community is born as accessing it will be possible ask for concrete help about certain issues. It is not just a forum, but a platform where users can help themselves with editing photos.

oppo lab coloros 7.2

Help between users can also be communicated through a voice chat, to bring the users of the service closer and closer. These are some of the most important novelties of the ColorOS 7.2. In addition to these there will also be a particular option regarding the camera which will allow you to access more in depth the options such as stabilization, wide angle, ISO and all the parameters that can be changed according to our needs. Finally, it will be possible to install the much-loved Google Camera!

Source | Weibo

Cover image | Piunikaweb

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Cristoforo Di Cuia
Cristoforo Di Cuia
1 year ago

This article is missing the most important thing (after product announcement): when all products and new services will be available.

1 year ago

Hi Cristoforo. The announcement of the products can be found in this e this article. The date, not being written, has not been announced. In any case it seems that it will debut with Oppo Reno 4 in China.