Oppo Italia donates 100 smartphones to the Francesca Rava Foundation

The current Coronavirus epidemic has forced us to forced isolation and consequently has exacerbated some already complicated situations. To try to put a temporary remedy and show its solidarity, Oppo Italia has therefore decided to donate 100 smartphones to the Francesca Rava Foundation - NPH Italia Onlus. A foundation that has been active for 20 years in supporting children and in coordinating and implementing projects aimed at children in difficult conditions both in Italy and abroad.

Oppo Italia donates 100 smartphones to the Francesca Rava Foundation

Oppo A92S oppo italy

In the official press release, Oppo Italia said that:

Through this donation, OPPO wanted to renew its support for the people who need it most - said Daniele De Grandis, Executive Director of OPPO Italia - in a historical moment that makes isolation, distance and solitude its imperative By weighing on already delicate situations, OPPO wanted to give concrete expression to one of the greatest qualities that technology possesses, that is, the ability to unite, bring together and eliminate distances, be they social or physical.

Daniele De Grandis, Executive Director of OPPO Italia

The Francesca Rava Foundation therefore replied that:

We are particularly grateful to OPPO for the precious and very important donation of smartphones in support of many hospitals, foster homes, communities for minors, institutions, needy families that the Francesca Rava Foundation is committed to supporting nationwide in this serious emergency - he says Mariavittoria Rava, president of the Francesca Rava Foundation – NPH Italia Onlus. – Never before has the support of technology and smartphones been essential to allow hospitalized patients to communicate with their families and the many children and young people involved in distance learning to carry out the tasks assigned to them. A gesture of great sensitivity on the part of OPPO with which we are happy to have started a collaboration that we hope will be renewed over time

Maria Vittoria Rava

In any case, the 100 smartphones donated by Oppo Italia will be divided between the following entities:

Hospitals: 40 telephones

  • Valduce di Como Hospital: 5 telephones
  • Italian Auxological Institute of Verbania: 5 telephones
  • Hospital of S. Anna of Turin: 5 telephones
  • Civil Hospital of Brescia: 5 telephones
  • Ospeda Santa Maria Goretti of Latina: 5 telephones
  • Siracusa Hospital: 5 telephones
  • Hospital of Augusta: 5 telephones
  • Agrigento Hospital: 5 telephones

Family homes, community for minors and other realities: 60 telephones


  • Free pediatric and dental clinic "A Casa del Re", in via Prè:
    5 phones
  • Marassi district house in Genoa (project "The red boat and the zebra",
    for the preparation of child-friendly spaces inside the prison, dedicated
    meeting with the detained dad): 5 telephones

Milan and surroundings:

  • 5 telephones for 10 family homes and community for minors with which the Foundation
    Francesca Rava collaborates

What can I say, Oppo has proven to be a solidarity company as well as highly innovative from a technological point of view.


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