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Oppo it is a multi-faceted company, as it should be. Its catalog includes devices of various kinds: from smartphones to products for the smart home (although they have yet to come out). Speaking of the latter, a device that we have seen linked to the IoT environment is the CPE T1 5G modem. Here, it seems that the Chinese giant is planning to launch a new generation 5G CPE modem on the market. We found evidence of this on the portal CNIPA, where the certification of this modem is present, with attached photos.

Oppo continues to think about devices related to the 5G world: not only smartphones but also modems. Here is the 5nd generation CPE 2G modem!

We have support that it was the modem Oppo CPE 5G of the second generation as it has a different shape from the one previously released. Furthermore, we are sure that it is this kind of device since this name is shown in the certification. That said, the certification, as we said, appeared on the China National Intellectual Property Administration

(CNIPA) with authorization number CN306871081S.

oppo modem cpe 5g second generation: this is how it will be
oppo modem cpe 5g second generation: this is how it will be

The Oppo CPE 5G T1 modem, or the first generation one, has a rounder shape, without a raised base and "hat" like this. There will be a power key in the back, two Ethernet inputs e a USB type A. It also features a forum which looks like the one for inserting the satellite cable, but it's not clear what it's actually used for.

By connecting to the exclusive satellite, we assume that it will be able form Mesh networks to provide seamless high-speed dual-band Wi-Fi coverage. Like the modem First generation mesh. Clearly, since this is a certification, it is not said whether this 5G product will come out in earnest. We think that next year, during theOppo Inno Day 2022, the colossus could present it as it happened previously.

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