Oppo opens its first "beta" online store: is it coming to us too?

There are many companies that, a few years from the beginning of their adventure, have decided to open an online store. One example above all (what we always do) is Xiaomi: its store, although not boundless, allows you to buy all the goods even if with slightly higher than average prices. Well, it seems that too Oppo has started and indeed in the Netherlands has opened its first online store. Unfortunately it is not a definitive situation since it is only a "beta", a test, to feel the ground. Never be that if this worked experiment, will we in Europe (and in Italy) also have an official shop?

The first Oppo online shop opens in the Netherlands: it starts with a few products with the promise of increasing them

The Chinese phone giant then launched without warning and "In beta" its first online store. It did so precisely in Holland, a country where Honor and Realme opened their respective stores last year. With this move the brand adds to its affiliates - which ones MediaMarkt e T-Mobile - another means of selling your smartphones.


oppo opens its first online store

These are just some of the smartphones that are sold on the online shop

The brand actually sells not only smartphones on this store, but also accessories such as headphones

, covers branded, car and non-car chargers (among other things, the edition is already on the store Lamborghini). One really interesting thing is that it also sells refurbished smartphones: this service is really useful for those who do not intend to buy a new smartphone or in any case have no way of spending too much money. Right now for example we find theOppo AX7, the RX17 e A3 all within € 199.

oppo opens its first online store

These are the three refurbished products currently on the web shop

Payment, following the purchase, can only be made through iDEAL (an online payment method such as PayPal to be clear). Even the store guarantees one premium delivery if the purchase is made before 17.00: in this case, the smartphone will come delivered to your home by the end of the next day. As mentioned, the whole service is still an experiment and it is normal that the first few times the purchase-delivery mechanism does not work well.

Omar Al Azami, OPPO Netherlands PR and Communication Manager said:

“It is true that the OPPO webshop has been online since yesterday. For now this is a beta test version but we are busy with the team to polish it and offer the right user experience to all OPPO customers. We intend to offer a wide range of products, therefore in addition to smartphones also accessories such as elegant covers, but also future IoT products. ”

It is clear therefore that even products like the new one mesh router andOppo watch will be put up for sale. But you would like this type of service here too Italy? Let us know in the comments!

Source | Oppo

Via | androidworld.nl

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