If you use Telegram, look out for Oppo's latest Android update

There are many instant messaging applications that can be used on smartphones. Regardless of the operating system and platform, the main ones are WhatsApp e Telegram. While the former becomes increasingly mature, albeit very slowly, the latter becomes increasingly used. You want it because it is much leaner than Zuckeberg's, you want it for a reason of privacy that is fundamental nowadays. But all that glitters is not gold since i Oppo devices, today, have encountered some problems with this app after an Android update. The official Telegram channel tells us.

Telegram has problems with Oppo smartphones after the last update: the concern is about the media in the Gallery

With a post on social Twitter, the official Telegram Messenger channel has published an announcement that we invite you to share. Below is the post.

The problem that Oppo devices are having with the latest Android update is causing them to come ignore all Telegram instructions that allow you not to add multimedia files to the gallery when the "Save to gallery" option is disabled in "Settings"

. In the current state of things, the team of developers is working to solve the problem that, it seems, concerns the facco that the system is ignoring the .nomedia file.

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Damian c
Damian c
2 years ago

This story has been going on for at least 2 months .. Finally they realized it .. It is hateful .. I oppo reno2

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