Oppo focuses on 50W wireless charging, perhaps on Oppo Find X2

Oppo likes to amaze. He did it once with the first device of the Find series, the Oppo Find X, and he will do it with the Find X2. The device of the future, from what we know so far: Snapdragon 865 processor, new “All-Pixel” omnidirectional sensor by Sony with technology 2 × 2 OCL (On-Chip Lens). This would be enough to make the eyes of all the fans shine… and instead no, Oppo aims even higher with the 50W wireless charging. You got it right: if so far the brand has "stopped" at a maximum power of 65W (with cable), he decided to show his teeth and go further with the wireless one. For now, nothing official, but a very reliable source has revealed that this technology could be in port.

Oppo focuses on 50W wireless charging, perhaps on Oppo Find X2

To suggest this interesting feature that we could find on the next concept phone of the Chinese giant is the famous insider Digital Station. To calm the hype though, let's start by saying that it will not be a feature that we will see in the near future.

oppo find x2 wireless charging 50W

By showing us this image on a post shared in the Chinese social network Weibo, the user / blogger / insider who knows everything, said in fact that neither time nor technology are ripe. To be honest 30W wireless charging

, which in itself is already a miracle, it has yet to be perfected. We first heard it on prototype of Oppo Reno Ace with camera under the display.

Leaving aside the quality of the Weibo app's automatic translation, we can guess (with a little imagination) the meaning of his words. Only when the 30W wireless charging technology is mature, then Oppo will be able to start talking about the one with 50W power. To be honest it is very difficult to believe that the Oppo Find X2, announced for the first quarter of 2020, can already go out with this feature. There would be a miracle needed ... who knows, maybe Oppo really does.



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