OPPO, Realme and OnePlus form alliance to build a proprietary processor

The ban made against Huawei by the American government has caused quite a bit of turmoil in the technological world, mostly populated by Chinese manufacturers. The risk of being cut off from the western world has meant that various brands began to look for alternative solutions and what better opportunity to materialize some rumors that had already been around for some time on the OPPO account?

Specifically, the rumors indicate the possibility of a proprietary chipset by OPPO, rumors that seem to take reality with the M1 coprocessor. This small concentrate of technology should improve the performance and autonomy of the future OPPO Find X2 and its certification as well as trademark registration dates back to November 2019. As we said, this solution is a coprocessor, but it could be the basis for the birth of a proprietary CPU.

However, the names of Realme and OnePlus (technically the two brands are branches of OPPO) are added to the project, as revealed by the CEO of OPPO, who on the evening of February 16 through an internal note announced the birth of the project relating to self developed processors. The project bears the name of PIANO MARIANA, derived from the Fossa delle Marianne, the deepest ocean depression in the world. At the head of the project that will lead to the birth of the first self-produced processor, there would be Yan Chem, also known as the founders of Qualcomm China. The experience will certainly not be missing ...


OPPO, Realme and OnePlus form alliance to build a proprietary processor

But as anticipated, the most juicy indiscretions of the Mariana Plan concern the adhesion to the project by OnePlus and Realme, suggesting that the adoption of the proprietary processor on certain smartphones could also involve the other two brands. We reiterate that OPPO, OnePlus and Realme together with VIVO are part of the BBK conglomerate, therefore seeing the 3 brands united for a common purpose is not surprising.

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