OPPO, Realme and OnePlus now in a common store (in China)

Recently, some Chinese users have discovered that the official OPPO store located inside OPPO smartphones has been renamed to Ouga. The same goes for the OPPO store on the WeChat applet, also renamed to Ouga.

OPPO, Realme and OnePlus now in a common store (in China)

OPPO, Realme and OnePlus now in a common store (in China)

According to the Ouga Mall applet, the online store seems to combine the three brands OPPO, OnePlus and Realme, offering one-stop purchases for smartphones, intelligent hardware, daily necessities and other products, as well as guarantee and exchange services.

It is reported that the most important thing about the new Ouga Mall is that OnePlus and Realme will be able to take advantage of the after-sales service that until now was dedicated to the devices produced and with the OPPO brand. This may also mean that the Realme V5 could be the first smartphone to go on sale on the OPPO store and therefore enjoy the brand's after-sales assistance.

So excellent news for OnePlus and Realme fans as for a long time the two brands have not seen a high amount of physical stores for the offline market. This means that users with OnePlus or Realme smartphones often have to send them by post to obtain after-sales service. From today it seems that those who purchase OnePlus and Realme will be able to receive assistance directly in an official OPPO store. As is quite obvious, we are therefore talking about a much larger network with thousands of shops around the country, therefore a totally improved experience.

In any case, to confirm what has just been said there is the position of Liu Zuohu, CEO of OnePlus, who currently holds the role of manager of the user experience on Ouga products (which are 100% OPPO), is contributing to the planning and development of products on the Ouga platform.

In conclusion, excellent news for those who buy Realme and OnePlus, even if at the moment we are only talking about the Chinese market. While those who are an OPPO customer should not see any changes.

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