The Reno 3 series will be equipped with a 360 ° surround antenna to never lose signal

One of the series that is arousing more interest in the world of mobile telephony is that of Oppo Reno 3. The heir to camera phones with shark fin sensor will have many news compared to the previous series. First, the front camera will no longer be housed in a pop-up retractable mechanism, but will be integrated into the display via a hole. In addition, the devices in 5G version will the thinnest in the category, even if we consider the smartphones of the other brands. But that's not all since the whole Reno 3 series will be equipped with 360 ° surround antenna. This feature is not to be underestimated especially on devices with integrated 5G technology. Let's see what it means.

The Reno 3 series will be equipped with a 360 ° surround antenna to never lose signal

Shen Yiren, CEO of the Oppo brand, has officially revealed that the series will use a particular design with regards to the "organs" of reception of the internet. This design is called by him "360 degree surround antenna”And is used to say goodbye to signal loss problems.

reno 3 surround antenna

As we see in the cover image the antennas will be positioned all around the device and not just in some places. We know that the problem of signal reception is very common when you take the device at certain points. Such an "advertisement" also made Redmi before the official presentation of Notes redmi 8 Pro

, showing two hands that wielded the many different ways this smartphone. The concept is the same also for the Reno 3 series: in any way the device will be taken, there will be no problems of any kind. These are the words of the CEO:

"The Oppo Reno 3 series uses a 360 degree surround antenna design. This means that when playing, you can keep the signal stable regardless of how you hold your phone"

According to the latest news, the series in question also supports the function of intelligent 5G planning, which can switch intelligently between 5G and 4G networks based on energy consumption and actual use speed (see SA / NSA). For example, if the system detects that you are watching an online video, it automatically switches to 5G making it possible to use a more stable and faster connection service (by).


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