Oppo Reno 3 will have a dual camera on the display: this image confirms it

Speculation continues about the future top of the range Oppo Reno 3. Previously we told you how there is the possibility of the existence of ben 3 variants of the aforementioned smartphone and we also bet on the respective specifications. However, we didn't talk about design and especially where the front cameras can be housed. We use the plural because according to the latest rumors the device will carry one dual cameras on the display, like the one that will have the Redmi K30. This will be set in the display, avoiding the presence of the notch in the center of the screen but unlike the Redmi device it will be placed at the top left. Unfortunately we do not have "real" images that demonstrate this hypothesis, but we have come up with a screenshot that could confirm everything.

Oppo Reno 3 will have a dual camera on the display: this image confirms it

In the image that we see below, we can see a screenshot taken from the screen dedicated to the information of the SIM card and settings. Besides confirm the presence of dual mode 5G, subject to attention by all OEMs internationally, we also see one sempty space in the upper left corner. Since the background is all white, it is difficult to notice but it is enough to observe how the green arrow to the left of the wording "SIM" is moved more to the left than the line of the edge of the display.

oppo reno 3 dual camera display


Furthermore, the size of this small empty space seems fill the presence not of one, but of two cameras

. In fact, on theOppo Reno 3 we will have to see the so-called double punch hole chamber, or a double hole with double photographic sensor directly under the display. It would be the first time that the Chinese giant has used this type of sensor that lately seems to be in fashion.

We note how unlike many other brands, Oppo has decided, in its previous smartphones like Oppo Reno 2Z to create a flush rear photographic compartment and that it did not protrude from the body. The linear and stepless design has always made its smartphones highly appreciated on the world scene and we are sure that even with this move it will make them even more beautiful. Recall that the device in question, as officially announced, should be out soon. The exact date is unknown but the brand has confirmed that the 5G smartphone will be available (in China) starting in December. In short, Oppo has decided on one hand to follow the trends while on the other to present smartphones at super affordable but quality prices.

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