Oppo Reno 3 Pro with enhanced VOOC 4.0: 100% in less than an hour

Oppo it is one of the companies with the best hands in terms of charging technologies on their smartphones. With Xiaomi, which has from poco announced his ultra fast charging to 100W, holds the record for the highest wattage. We have seen how his three charging technologies ranging from a minimum of 30W to a maximum of 65W, between wireless and non-wireless. Compared to VOOC 4.0 which is what interests us here, we know that in just 30 minutes it can fill up to 67% a 4000 mAh battery while in 73 minutes leads to full charge. Shen Yiren, CEO of the brand, has announced that Oppo reno 3 pro will come with the VOOC 4.0 but enhancedthus allowing a full recharge in less than an hour.

Oppo Reno 3 Pro with enhanced VOOC 4.0: 100% in less than an hour

The head of Oppo has thus given users one more reason to wait for the purchase of the new device that will enter the market within the year, precisely the 26th December. Everything was communicated with a post on the Chinese social network Weibo that we report below.

oppo reno 3 pro vooc 4.0

The details that Shen Yiren reports are two: according to the internal tests made by the company, the VOOC 4.0 enhanced will allow you to reload the 50% of the battery in 20 minutes

e complete it in just 56 minutes. A record therefore not only for Oppo but also among all the other international OEMs. Compared to the "standard" version i times have decreased by almost 20 minutes, therefore, to recharge a 4025 mAh.

Based on the graph disclosed by the CEO, it can be observed that compared to VOOC 3.0, the one that will arrive on the Pro version of the Reno 3 will see a increase in the speed of fast charging. In fact, not all the period in which the smartphone remains attached to the plug includes a very high wattage: there will be a time frame in which the wattage is maximum and another in which it is minor. This switch will serve for do not stress the battery too much that would otherwise burn out in no time.

We also recall that Oppo has suppressed the generation of heat through a high efficiency adapter. This means not only that the cell will not overheat when charging, but also that during a prolonged period of stress such as a demanding game session, the device will not exceed a certain temperature. This will also serve to safeguard the 4025 mAh cell. Everything is obviously regulated by the brand new processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G.


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