Oppo Reno 4 Pro increasingly closer to Europe: the NCC certification shows it with a TOP retro

Let's say that after the arrival of the series Find X now Oppo can do well poco to amaze us. Despite this, however, many are waiting for a new device, that is Oppo reno 4 pro and his younger brother Reno 4. We have known for some time that Global variant, which is getting closer and closer, will differ in some features from the Chinese one. The main difference lies in the processor: it will be one Snapdragon 720G to move the car, instead of a Snapdragon 765G. The reasons for this choice are not clear, perhaps to diversify the market ... who knows. But we know that the device is closer than ever.

Many are waiting for him: Oppo Reno 4 Pro has just been NCC certified and this means that it is arriving in Europe

In the last hours the Oppo reno 4 pro, which responds to the code name CPH2089, was immortalized by the NCC certification body. The photos that show it not only show the device in all its beauty but also the 65W charger for SuperVOOC 2.0

. We are pleasantly surprised by a very special retro for this device. Let's see it together.

In these first three images we see it on the upper, right and lower sides. The first thing that catches the eye is undoubtedly the vertical photo module: this is equipped with three photo sensors from 48 + 13 + 12 megapixel of equal size. To their right a nice LED flash to illuminate photos in dark environments. But it is not only the photographic sector that you like, but the texture of side B of this smartphone. Let's see it better in the photos below.

It appears that the device has one matt back with a plot reminiscent of crossed letters. We still don't know if it's one special version or not, but without a doubt such a back is something we really missed. We are in fact used to smartphones with ceramic or glass backs, which are smooth to scare. This opacity could allow, as well as keep fingerprints less, to show less the micro scratches.

oppo reno 4 receives the ncc certification: ever closer to europe

We know this is the Pro version since it comes with a single punch hole camera on the front, top left. Paradoxically, in fact, it is the standard version to be equipped with two front cameras. Finally here we see the charger: the support to the eenergy supplied is up to 65W. Let's not forget that today Oppo has decided to reveal an ace up its sleeve: it is the first brand to reach a charging power of 125W.

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