OPPO releases the update to ColorOS 7.1: many improvements

Yesterday was a very important day for our beloved OPPO, which presented its first wearable, the OPPO Watch which should create a lot of headaches in the wearable market as well as some thoughts are added to Xiaomi Mi 10 , which now has a direct rival, such as OPPO Find X2 and X2 Pro. But the Chinese company with the launch of the new devices has also announced ColorOS 7.1, the latest version related to the customization of Android.

OPPO releases the update to ColorOS 7.1: many improvements

Without wasting any more time chatting, let's find out what are the new features on the new ColorOS 7.1, focusing on the most important ones waiting to put our hands on the new devices to deepen their knowledge.


Specific function for the display could only be dedicated, considering that the new OPPO Find X2 range offers full support for displays at 120 Hz (refresh rate), thanks to the 01 Super Sensitive Imagine Quality Engine technology, designed to make the content shown on the screen as well as increasing its quality. There are also a number of optimizations regarding dynamic video interpolation technology.

coloros 7.1

For example, many multimedia contents are recorded at 30 FPS while with the technology adopted by OPPO, it will be possible to see such contents with a fluidity of 60/120 FPS, effectively obtaining a better and more satisfying visual experience. At present the function is supported by some of the most important players in the entertainment sector such as, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Tencent Video, Tencent Sports iQiyi and others.

coloros 7.1

Of course, HDR support is not lacking, a technology that offers a more satisfying view of the contents shown on the screen. In fact, photos, videos and texts are shown in a more natural way and with more details than those in SDR, which is also guaranteed by the help of the AI ​​that automatically corrects the brightness levels and the color temperature of the display based on the surrounding environment.


Certainly one of the aspects that most attracts when purchasing a smartphone is the photographic sector. OPPO Find X2 Pro, is equipped with the best photo / video sector, getting a parity in the DxOMark ranking, with Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. In the new ColorOS 7.1, therefore, functions dedicated to the camera aspect could not be missing. It is in fact now possible to record in HDR. The camera software automatically manages the lighting of the scene in order to always offer a natural result.

coloros 7.1

In addition, for video recording it will be possible to take advantage of a double stabilization system, present on both the main and the wide-angle sensors. The result is comparable to professional machines, from which also the autofocus system derives, which allows us to focus along the vertical and horizontal axis, also allowing to obtain a higher speed of focus as well as accuracy of the moving images and / or in poorly lit environments. And always at the stabilization level, ColorOS 7.1 is also able to automatically recognize the presence of gimbal of some famous brands such as DJI, so you can start using them immediately without the need to install additional software.

coloros 7.1


As the hardware power of the new devices increases, better system speed management is also needed. Therefore, a dedicated function in the new ColorOS 7.1 could not be missing: first of all, the speed of reading and writing of the files is increased, but as for real PCs, a proprietary defragmentation system is integrated. This allows the system to increase the reading speed of large portions of memory by 18% and reduce memory fragmentation by 99%.coloros 7.1

Graphic interface

Finally, of course, ColorOS 7.1 also brings new features to the graphical interface. The startup time of applications has been reduced while their memory usage has been increased by 40%. The improvements also affect system applications that now support real-time Chinese to English call translation, wireless printing, text recording and more. The interface is more streamlined, but above all better adapted to the European market, with less “colorful” and more professional graphics. The new ColorOs 7.1 marks that step forward in terms of simplicity, care and pleasure that we have been waiting for so long.

coloros 7.1

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2 years ago

Hi, I would like to know if oppo findx 2 pro has call recorder

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