OPPO announces its first smart camera: it automatically detects a baby's crying

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As we know, on August 10 OPPO will hold a launch conference for the OPPO Watch 3 series. Well, in addition to the new smartwatch, OPPO will also present its first smart camera with a starting price of 179 yuan (26 euros).

OPPO announces its first smart camera: it automatically detects a baby's crying

According to reports, this camera supports a resolution of 4MP (2560 × 1440), a wide focal aperture of F1.6, a coated glass lens, a BSI back-illuminated super sensitive sensor, higher light transmission and better imaging.

The new product supports night vision and color function in low light conditions. In particular, it is equipped with a 940 nm infrared lamp and it is possible to record color images in low light conditions thanks to the super sensitive CMOS sensor.

In addition, this smart camera also has AI cry monitoring and music playback technology, so it can identify the baby's crying based on a specific sound spectrum and play some music to calm the baby.

In fact, the OPPO Smart Camera has a powerful built-in computing power, able to accurately detect human shapes, recognize faces and push messages, automatically track and initiate calls in real time to the smartphone.

This camera can also be interconnected with the Color OS system. Users can not only control the camera with an OPPO smartphone or tablet, but also view the camera through an OPPO TV.

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14 August 2022 17: 18
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Updated on: August 14 2022 17:18
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