Oppo also thinks of a smartband, but with an atypical design

The technology giant has decided to take important steps this year, such as joining the wearable market. The market is certainly growing, but it risks saturating very quickly, if it has not already done so. The first wearable that Oppo presented is one SmartWatch all-round, or rather an “swrist martphone"; we saw that the brand's deputy Brian Shen announced that the device will also see the light in Europe. From China we get news of another wearable, or one smartband. Let's see together all the details of the patent, relating to the data we have available.

An Oppo smartband would be in the forge: from its decidedly different design, with an external steel plate

We become aware of the Oppo smartband patent thanks to the team of 91mobiles. These have discovered, within the SIPO database, now CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration), the documentation showing this wearable device.

In the first two images we see what the device should look like in reality. To the left is the front side, where the perhaps OLED display, while on the right the rear dedicated to charging pin that rest on the wrist. The display, compared to the oval body, looks very small but not knowing the actual dimensions, we cannot be sure. What is certainly missing are the sensors

: in fact, in the rear part, normally, there are sensors used to control the pulse. Every smartband, from that of Realme to that of Xiaomi, it is equipped with it but this seems not to be. The strange thing is that if these do not exist in the official render, they are present in the drawings that we will see between poco.

But this is not the first thing that strikes, at least not as much as the design. From his, this Oppo smartband has a kind of steel (or aluminum) shell that protects the egg.

Let's assume that more for a protection factor of the main body, this body is used for hook the strap. In fact, according to our hypothesis, the strap that this wearable smart device will use it won't be one of the silicone ones, but in rope. Being of this kind it is very easy that this goes to fasten inside the two holes created by the body all around. Unfortunately, the data in our possession show that the design: for the specifications we will have to wait a little longer.

But you like the idea of ​​one fitness tracker by Oppo?

Via | 91mobiles


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