Oppo goes back in time: folding smartphone with QWERTY keyboard

We hear more and more often about concept phones: devices willingly devoted to design that wink at technology. An example can be Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, the device of the homonymous brand with surround display. But the same Oppo made a prototype some time ago of one smartphone with invisible camera. But what if our beloved brand takes a step back, but at the same time a step forward? How? With one smartphone with keyboard. This seems to be the idea of ​​the Chinese giant presented two years ago and recently approved.

A smartphone with an adjustable QWERTY keyboard would be Oppo's wacky idea, a bit like the LV V60 ThinQ

When we think of smartphones with keyboard the first to come to mind are i Blackberry. These, however, have a keyboard fully inserted into the front of the device, just below the screen. The device of Oppo we're going to see it gets closer to LG V60 ThinQ and it's to all intents and purposes a foldable smartphone.

In reality, the patent depicts a keyboard that can be integrated into a smartphone. The team of Leadsgodigital

states that the patent only concerns the keyboard which should be attachable to any type of smartphone. Similar to one Nintendo DS first generation we see in the screen, i.e. the smartphone itself, while in down the keyboard. This however, being on a smart device, cannot be made up of physical buttons. In fact, as we see in the central image, a display is also present below and it is precisely here that one will appear digital keyboard.

One step back and one step forward. As we know, devices of this kind have ended their era, but perhaps with this type of attachable module could come back into vogue.

What do you think of a smartphone Oppo of this type? Would you buy it?

Via | Leadsgodigital

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