Oppo will release a smartphone without buttons and ports

Oppo would have plans to produce one smartphone without USB ports and physical buttons. The company works hard to keep up with competitors such as Xiaomi, so much so that just today we received news of the existence of one of its folding smartphone. However, we want to push further with a device that, quite frankly, we do not believe will be put on the market. But let's see what it is.

Oppo prepares a smartphone without physical buttons and without USB ports or 3.5 audio jacks: a single block that will perhaps be a museum piece

The authoritative Chinese insider Digital Chat Station spoke about Oppo's plans to release a very unusual smartphone. It will have a unique design and at the same time be one of the most discreet on the market. According to the information provided, the next Oppo smartphone will receive one front camera under the display. This will eliminate any holes and cutouts in the screen. Furthermore, even the rear cameras can become invisible thanks to the use of the electrochromic glass. Similar technology has already been demonstrated by OnePlus in the smartphone Concept one

There are no traditional physical buttons in the smartphone but rather, there will be special touch areas that respond to pressure. A kind of capacitive touch on a large scale. Furthermore, the Oppo device will also be deprived of any connectors. However, the Chinese insider assures that the device will receive support for both wireless and wired charging. Probably, the cable will be connected to a special connector via magnets, a bit like MagSafe of Apple.

It is still unclear if Oppo plans to release such a device for sale or if it will just be a demo. However, all of these ttechnologies in one form or another have been presented before by other companies even if not on a single smartphone. Are you ready to see the masterpiece?

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Last updated on April 6, 2021 22:41
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