Oppo exceeds the 120W threshold: its the fastest charging in the world

It is not news that Oppo is the leading company in the smartphone charging sector. Thanks to its technology VOOC the brand literally burned all the competitors who, on their part, have never managed to reach its own power output. We have previously seen the 65W SuperVOOC which represented an almost insurmountable limit. But today we have news of the "discovery", if we may say so, of top up at 125W. I'm currently alone Oppo, Living e Xiaomi the three companies that study to break the 100W wall and Oppo is the first to formalize it.

Oppo manages to reach 125W of power in charging technology: a difficult goal to overcome. The fight against faster-charging smartphones becomes even more bitter

This morning, a few minutes before Vivo by the way, Oppo announced that it had managed to get its hands on charging technology a 125W. With this number the Chinese company nicknamed "Green Factory”Wins the record. In the video below, we can see not only the goals the brand has reached, but also the presentation date. Indeed the next 15 Julythe day after tomorrow, Oppo will reveal the characteristics of this new technology that exceeds 120W


But data in hand, what does this technology bring us? On balance it will be possible recharge a 4.000 mAh battery in 10 minutes (unofficial) record time

. Clearly the mass production of smartphones that support this power is far from reality. We know that i Costi have been to achieve it exorbitant and the costs of integrating it on mobile devices will be equally high. Anyhow in two days we will know something more about this new milestone.

Currently only two companies besides Oppo have reached the threshold of 120W: Xiaomi e Living. The latter just this morning announced that it had managed to touch the magic figure. It must be said that not only will the implementation of this technology be expensive but also and above all one battery capable of supporting this energy input.

Source | Weibo

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