Oppo SuperVOOC: here is the 125W wired charging and the 65W wireless charging!

A few days ago Oppo announced the arrival of an extraordinary thing: the 125W smartphone charging. After years of research and development, the Chinese brand has reached (first of all) the maturity of technology and has said it is ready to mass-produce it. Clearly some time will pass before perfecting it and making it available to everyone, but a first step has been taken. One thing that the brand has not revealed to us is where it stands with the AirVOOC wireless charging: well, this morning she revealed that she managed to get there power of 65W!

We thought 65W wireless charging was a joke, but apparently Oppo doesn't play: the technology is ready, it still takes some time before it finally arrives on smartphones

An important conference was held in China this morning during which Zhang Jialiang, head of the recharge sector who told us about FreeVOOC, presented all the brand's news in the battery sector of its smartphones. In fact, not only have the two technologies mentioned above been communicated, the cable and the wireless, but also several chargers. One of these, announced yesterday on Weibo, has the shape and size of a biscuit. Let's see the details together.

Oppo Flash Charge 125W


Flash charge technology from 125W supports 65W USB-PD and 125W USB-PPS and is backwards compatible with devices that integrate the previous standard SuperVOOC for charging from 65W. From the technical point of view it comes current consumption 6.25 A transmitted through a potential difference of 20V. As we previously stated, the battery integrated in smartphones will be divided into two parts and each will use 128-bit microcontrollers to optimize voltage and current flow.

The brand said it will integrate ten temperature sensors per mantener la di sotto di 40 ° C

as well as a fuse for overvoltage protection in order to guarantee safety and avoid any risk of fire. The question comes by itself: and the quality of the cell? Oppo confirms that later 800 charging cycles the battery's potential reaches 80% of its capacity.

65W wireless AirVOOC

We did not expect Oppo to arrive from 40W to 65W for the AirVOOC instead it did. The technology in question comes accompanied by a very special new charging dock. This is formed inside by a double coil can fully recharge a battery from 4000 mAh in 30 minutes only. This dock will also have a special construction as it is made with a glass plate and an internal fan that allows you to maintain efficiency close to 90% and temperature not above 40 ° C.

Loaders presented

In addition to the two new technologies, the brand also presented other products. These are two very special chargers. One of these, the first on the left, looks like a small one cookie with measures equal to 82.2 x 39 x 10.05 mm and a weight of suns 60 g; the other is a wall adapter that allows you to support one power equal to 110W. As you can imagine the point in their favor is the greatness: they are almost half of the Traditional GaN. You would never have said it but are gallium nitride charger. Unfortunately, neither the precious nor the times in which these products will be available on the market have been disclosed.

But what we can expect is one Oppo smartphone with charging support wired to 125W or wireless 65W by the end of 2020. What do you think about it? It will be a long time before this technology (together with the smartphones that integrate it) arrives with us: do we really need it?

Source | Weibo

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