OPPO holds out in India despite the app ban, entering the top 5 of Q2 2020 sales

If you follow our blog you will certainly have noticed some news related to the problems that Chinese companies are experiencing in India. In fact, the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Computer Science has banned many applications of Chinese origin, such as TikTok but also many other apps generally pre-installed on native firmware of Chinese smartphones, such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Realme etc .. Even some games are also banned only for having among the financiers some exponents of the Chinese economy, such as Supercell, known for the glorious Clash Royale and Clash of Clans to name a few.

We would therefore think that Chinese smartphone manufacturers are experiencing a drop in sales in India but in reality the analysis conducted by Counterpoint reveals that it is quite the opposite. In fact, in the Top 5 of smartphone sales in India relating to the Q2 period of 2020, 4 Chinese smartphone manufacturers dominate the positions, of which Xiaomi stands out in the first place.


OPPO holds out in India despite the app ban, entering the top 5 of Q2 2020 sales

And although Xiaomi is among the companies most affected by the app ban, enough to bring the closure of the app and the Mi Community site, it gains a 29% share, leading the ranking and detaching the historic rival Samsung by 3 percentage points, even improving by 1% compared to the same period last year, net of the difficulties experienced also due to the Covid-19. But also the other Chinese brands gain positions in the Indian market, among which in third place we find Vivo, which registers 17% of share obtaining a + 5% growth compared to last year.


But also companies such as OPPO and Realme positively register their public approval. Even the spin-off brand of OPPO, or Realme registers a greater consensus, but this is soon justified by the fact that the Chinese manufacturer Realme makes the Indian market the main one to invest in while OPPO concentrates its efforts more on the Chinese market, also considering a user spending potential higher than that of India.

Note instead the absence in the ranking of Huawei, which even seems to have abandoned all investments, concentrating them instead in the western market, which seems to give the Chinese brand a lot of satisfaction.


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