Oppo and alive, the future will be foldable: here is the first information

Companies like Oppo e live will soon go to keep company with giants such as Xiaomi, Samsung and company as regards the folding sector. It seems that the future will be foldable also for them or at least this is what emerges from the Omdia report just released today. In this document we outline a bit what is the situation of the folding devices of the whole company but we want to focus on these two companies as they are the the only two to have not yet presented such a device.

Om Day reveals the very first details of the folding smartphone of Oppo and vivo: these are two devices with a Samsung and BOE screen

During 2021, a large number of foldable smartphones will enter the market to keep company with existing ones. We cannot fail to mention that of Xiaomi, just released, or the My MIX Fold. But Samsung and Huawei also have several models in their catalog. Apparently too Oppo is alive they are in the process of presenting theirs and research Om Day revealed the first features. In particular we talk about display: in the table we see the manufacturers of the screen (primary and secondary) and the size.

oppo and vivo think about their leaflet: here are the first data

For Oppo, its first foldout looks like it will have a 7.1 ″ display

and it will be type in-folding. This means it will open like a book while keeping the fragile glass inside. The supplier of this display will always be there Samsung. As for the secondary glass, possibly placed behind as on the Xiaomi folding, it is a 2 ″ approximately, this time produced by BOE. Interestingly, the main glass will be of type LTPO.

For live instead, a few months ago arrived in Europe, his folding smartphone will have a display by 8 " always provided by Samsung. For secondary glass, always BOE, it will be a big one 6.5 ". No LTPO for him. We don't know when they will come out, but we are confident that in the next 6 months the devices will debut in China.

How much will they cost?

Il price it's an unknown but Omdia reveals the average costs of a foldable display. While a very common flexible is on average, the manufacturer, $ 80, one foldable about $ 150. This makes us understand how high the prices of folding devices are, but justified.

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