Oppo Watch pops up in Europe: WearOS and price not bad

We haven't talked about it for some time Oppo watch, the brand's first smart watch released last March. We recall in short that this device, in China, can count on three variants: one with dial from 41 mm, one with a dial from 46 mm and one in stainless steel. His arrival for the European market was expected later this year but we weren't expecting that soon. In record time, in fact, Oppo brought its first smartwatch to Europe choosing Germany as the first country. While waiting to know when it will arrive in Italian, let's recap Features and see the price.

The long-awaited Oppo Watch finally arrives in Europe with WearOS and Snapdragon 3100: Germany is the country that welcomes it

We begin to remember the most important features on the hardware side. We have a processor on board Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 and a chip Apollo 3: while the former is used for the standard operation ensuring an autonomy of about 24 hours, the second is used in mode energy saving thus making the autonomy reach 14 days. Despite the savings mode, notifications should continue to be received.

oppo watch europe

It is important to note that compared to the Chinese variant, this model does not mount the Snapdragon 2500. As for the features of the Oppo Watch, there are obviously those related to fitness that are common to all three models: we therefore have the possibility to monitor the heart rate through theEKG, GPS and the chip NFC for contactless payments. In terms of design it looks clean and without too many frills, with a display by 1.6 "

, resolution 360 320 pixels x and protection Corning Gorilla Glass 3. For the moment, only the 41 mm model has arrived in Germany: it is not clear if and when the other two will arrive but we will be able to tell you in a short time.

Oppo Watch can count on a battery from 300 mAh. Like the smartphones of the brand, the Oppo Watch also adopts the latest generation charging technology. Thanks to Watch VOOC the device manages to recharge 50% of the cell in just 17 minutes. The full charge can be reached in about 45 minutes.

Europe Price (Germany)

Now the price, which is the most important. The 41mm model presented in Germany will have a cost of 250 €€ 60 more than the Chinese variant. It is not a low price but all in all considering the features there is everything. Expected arrival in Germany 20 July. What do you think about it? To underline is the speed with which Oppo burned Xiaomi: this company also plans to launch its own We Watch in Europe, but we still don't know when.

Via | Smartdroid, Gizchina.it

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2 years ago

€ 250 is too much

2 years ago

I'm not saying it's invalid but for that price the average user buys Apple. Obviously just my point of view

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