Oppo Watch is finally official: variants, specifications and prices

Today is a very important day for Oppo: they have been presented not only Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro, but also Oppo watch. The latter represents the brand's successful attempt to enter the market w. Wearables have now become more than an accessory, even more so if they are equipped with eSIM: a wrist smartphone basically, this is the company's first smartwatch. Today has seen its official release in China, so let's see the variants in which it was presented, his technical but above all i prices.

Oppo Watch is the first smartwatch from the Chinese company: top features, low price

Oppo Watch design and display

As said, there are well three variants: one from 46 mm, one from 41 mm and one in stainless steel. Out of the box the first model is available in colors white, black, pink and blue, the second in the colors white, black and pink while the third model will be only black. The latter is the only one with interchangeable strap, sold separately after the launch of the wearable and available in different colors. The straps are made of Viton rubber, heat and wear resistant.

oppo watch colors

As for the dial, as we knew, it is square in all three models. It's only the size that changes: the 46 mm and stainless steel models have a 1.91 ″ front panel, while the one from 41 mm has a size of 1.6 ″. As for weight i first two models have 40 g and 45.5 g respectively and the smallest only 29.7 g. In any case, all three variants are equipped with AMOLED display with density of PPI 326, a 3% P100 color gamut. Only the 41 mm has a less curved screen than the others, due to the size of the panel.

Oppo Watch hardware, software and functionality

As for the hardware equipment, all models are equipped with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 2500, aided by a very low energy consumption co-processor Apollo 3. We will talk about battery and autonomy later. On the software side, we find Wear OS Google Customized with Color OS Watch, the brand's custom skin made to measure for smartwatches.

oppo watch processor

As for the features of the Oppo Watch, there are obviously those related to fitness that are common to all three models: we therefore have the possibility to monitor the heart rate through theECG, GPS and the NFC chip for contactless payments. Certification forimpermeability is present but while the 46 mm and the one with the dial in stainless steel can withstand up to 5 ATM, the 41mm reaches 3 ATM. In each of the models there is 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage.

The most anticipated feature is the ability to use the eSIM: although it was advertised that Oppo Watch could count on the new generation SIM, only 41mm and 46mm models are eligible.

Oppo Watch battery

Thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2500 processor supported by the co-processor Apollo 3, the autonomy of each Oppo smartwatch is excellent. As announced by the brand steel and 46 mm models reach 21 days at full capacity while the 41 mm model reaches 14 days.

oppo watch battery

The batteries of the models from 46mm and steel are from 430 mAh, while the small model can count on a battery from 300 mAh. Like the smartphones of the brand, the Oppo Watch also adopts the latest generation charging technology. Thanks to the Watch VOOC the device manages to recharge 50% of the cell in just 17 minutes. The full charge can be reached in about 45 minutes.

Oppo Watch prices

In the Find X2 series launch conference, the CEO said the the arrival (and therefore the presentation) in Europe will still have to wait. In any case, the prices in yuan are as follows (current exchange rate attached):

oppo watch prices

  • Oppo Watch 41 mm: 1.499 yuan or € 191,
  • Oppo Watch 46 mm: 1.999 yuan or € 255,
  • Oppo Watch in stainless steel: 2.499 or 329 €.

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