Oppo Watch and Oppo Watch Pro: two smartwatches expected tomorrow

With an incredible twist, just one day after the official presentation, Oppo decides to throw a bomb. Indeed, two. We know that the highly anticipated launches are scheduled for tomorrow, March 6th Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro together with the company's first wearable. But if until now we were sure that there was only one smartwatch, today we are sure that the brand has lied: tomorrow two will come out smartwatches from the Oppo Watch series. The doubt now is: which of the two corresponds what we already know? But above all: Massimo, one of our users, already knew everything?

Oppo Watch and Oppo Watch Pro: will these be the two names of smartwatches?

We ventured to give these two commonplace but common names to the incoming devices. We don't know if they really will be called that, but in the absence of data, the suppositions they are the only ones to count. In any case, this morning the brand left us speechless by sharing a official poster, which precisely depicts Oppo Watch and Oppo Watch Pro.

oppo watch pro

The message is clear: two Oppo Watches are expected for tomorrow. Let's see how one will be large and the other smaller. Linked to the measurements, there will also be another difference: the curvature of the screen. As you can see from the official poster, that large on the left has a more pronounced curvature while the one on the right is less. We could speculate that the smallest is the same size as Apple Watch

e Xiaomi Mi Watch, about 1.78 ". The big one, on the other hand, can measure 1.91 ".

In the article published two days ago, one of our users named Massimo first noticed another difference that went unnoticed by us. It's aboutstrap attachment to the smartwatch. In the images we see below, we note that theattack is different in the models presented on the posters.

OPPO watch

In the first on the left the strap is attached to the dial via an insert, possibly in plastic. In the other two models (corresponding however to the same variant) the strap is attached directly to the shell. To say it in all sincerity we would have been able to arrive for a long time given the wording “Oppo Watch series”Present in all the teasers released to date.

The biggest doubt now is what the differences between the two will be, excluding the measures. According to what the company itself revealed, at least one (the first we saw) is equipped with heart rate detector, feature that nowadays is a must on top of the range smartwatch. We await the presentation tomorrow to find out more.

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