Oppo Watch round and flat in the thoughts of the brand, this is how they will be

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25 September 2020 23: 18
Updated on: 25 September 2020 23:18

As is well known the sector of SmartWatch it is what, even more than smartphones, will be the hub of hi-tech companies in the future. Of course, to equate a smartwatch with a smartphone, we still need many steps forward but brands like Oppo are trying not to be defeated in the race for the perfect device. Oppo watch it is the first smart watch of the Chinese company that has been able to win an enormous amount of acclaim. We have seen it in two variants, or rather two sizes, but always with square form. However, it seems that the company also has a wearable device in mind with round dial, but always with curved screen. Let's go and see the patent unearthed, as always, by LetsGoDigital.

The latest Oppo patent discovered by LetsGoDigital shows an all-round Oppo Watch, which will undoubtedly win the hearts of aficionados

In September 2019 Oppo filed this patent with the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) but the documentation was only published today 15 September 2020. The first part of the patent shows what is the current Oppo watch: curved display but square case. So far nothing new except that in the second part of the documentation there are gods 3D renders of what is a round Oppo Watch


oppo round watch

In the photo above, the front and rear are clearly visible. As you can see, as with the previous model, there is a crown on the right side of the device. At the bottom and at the top there are the holes to install the straps. After seeing the Vivo Watch yesterday, this device from Oppo does not surprise us much. But wait until you see the other news. In the patent there are not only the round and square models, but also one with a flat front glass.

oppo watch flat screen

This model, although with a square dial, differs greatly from current fashions. In fact, it presents a flat front panel, without curved edgesthe. An extravagant choice given the fashions, but one that will undoubtedly meet success.

What do you think about it? You will purchase it SmartWatch when will it come out or will you wait for these models to come out (if they will come out)?

The one in the cover photo is NOT Oppo's smartwatch

Via | LetsGoDigital

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