Oppo Watch vs Xiaomi Mi Watch: who is the best? Big comparison

Yesterday was particularly important for our beloved brand: not only did we see the release of Oppo Find X2, Find X2 Pro e Find X2 Pro Lamborghini, but also that of Oppo watch. This wearable device represents the company's attempt to forcefully intrude on the smartwatch market. According to what was announced by the CEO during yesterday's presentation, however, the smartwatch with its variants will not immediately arrive in the European market. The reason has not been said but it is probably due to the need of theadapt the system to Google services which, as we know, are not in China. That said, let's proceed to see the differences between Oppo Watch and Xiaomi Mi Watch with this comparison.

Oppo Watch vs Xiaomi Mi Watch: which is the best smartwatch?

Measurements, weight and design

oppo watch display

Oppo watch:

  • steel: display from 1.91", body 46 X 39 X 11.35 mm, weight of 45.5 g, resolution 402 476 pixels x
  • 46 mm: same as the steel version except the weight of 40 g;
  • 41 mm: display from 1.6", body 41.45 X 36.37 X 11.4mm, weight of 29.7 g, resolution 320 x 360 pixels;

Xiaomi Mi Watch:

  • standard: display from 1.78", body 44.69 x 36.92 x 12.28 mm, weight of 44 g, resolution 368 x 448 pixels;
  • premium: same as the standard version except the weight of 56 g;

Definitely Xiaomi Mi Watch is smaller but heavier than Oppo Watch, even if the difference is really minimal, a trifle if we want. Both present the dial of the same shape even if that of Oppo has more curved edges in steel and 46 mm models: Mi Watch and Oppo Watch from 41 mm look alike, given the less rounded edges.

The substantial difference is in the straps: while the smartwatches by Oppo 41 and 46 mm have a non-interchangeable strap, the steel model of the brand is similar to that of Xiaomi given the possibility of detaching it.

The last difference between the brand devices is the crown: Oppo does not have any type of crown on any side

, while Mi Watch has the crown on the top right like Apple Watch.

Operating system and processor

comparison oppo watch xiaomi mi mix processor

Oppo watch

  • processor Snapdragon Wear 2500 + Apollo 3 co-processor with interface Color OS Watch;

Xiaomi Mi Watch

  • processor Snapdragon Wear 3100 with interface MIUI for Watch;

The smartwatch of Xiaomi certainly has a more powerful processor but this in influences the autonomy of the device. In fact, unlike Oppo Watch, it does not have a co-processor which helps to limit battery consumption. On the other side the Oppo smartwatch, thanks to the Apollo 3, it allows a more prolonged use since it is he is used to decrease the energy consumption of the wearable.

Battery and autonomy

oppo watch battery

Oppo watch

  • steel: 430 mAh with magnetic refill that allow up to 40 h autonomy;
  • 46 mm: same as the standard version;
  • 41 mm: 300 mAh with magnetic refill that allow up to 20 h autonomy;

Xiaomi Mi Watch

  • standard: 570 mAh with magnetic refill that allow up to 36 h autonomy;
  • premium: 590 mAh same type of recharge;

Although we have no proof, on paper Oppo Watch allows it to be used longer: with less quantity of mAh in fact, you can use it for one half a day more. This at least applies to steel and 46mm models. Obviously the smallest arrives at only 20 h of autonomy having a less capacious battery.


xiaomi mi watch oppo watch comparison

Here there is poco to say: all models they are equipped with NFC ,GPS, eSIM, monitoring of the heartbeat, analysis of the state of our health, Bluetooth 4.2, 4G, sleep monitoring, reminder for sedentary lifestyle. The only difference is that theOppo watch, from what is written on the data sheet, is the only one to have the calendar for the menstrual cycle.


oppo watch prices

Oppo watch

  • steel: 2.499 yuan, approx €330 at the current exchange rate;
  • 46 mm: 1.999 yuan, approx €260 at the current exchange rate;
  • 41 mm: 1.499 yuan, approx €190 at the current exchange rate

Xiaomi Mi Watch

  • standard: 1.299 yuan, approx €160 at the current exchange rate;
  • premium: 1.999 yuan, approx €260 at the current exchange rate;

In terms of costs the prices of the Oppo Watch are slightly higher. We would need to know how much their price will be when they arrive in the global market, but unfortunately for both we have no official news. We hope that this comparison between Oppo Watch and Xiaomi Mi Watch will be useful for deciding which of the two to buy at the time of release in Europe.

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