Oppo Wireless Charge 40W: this could be the charging base

The primacy of Oppo when it comes to the power and charging speed of mobile devices it is undeniable. Some time ago we made a wide examination about all the brand's charging technologies: VOOC, SuperVOOC and Wireless VOOC. These are the names that the Chinese company thought of but it hasn't obviously made a name for itself. After a few years of research, we arrived at one 30W wireless charge, the brand announced with a post on Weibo that it is ready to put the 40W wireless charge. The operation is still unknown but perhaps we know what the support will be, or the charging base.

Exclusively we show you what could be the charging dock for the Oppo 40W wireless

From a Chinese source close to us, we came into possession of this photograph which represents how it should be 40W wireless charging base. In fact, Oppo has announced that it has managed to reach this charging power and has stated that will not be long in putting it on the market.

oppo wireless charge 40W

It is not in any way a fake and it is clear from the writing "SuperVOOC”On the right side of the device. This has an oval shape: on the left there is a silver button

which will be used to switch on the device which in turn will be connected to the power supply. Our smartphone, or rather it smartphone Oppo which supports 40W wireless charge, will go positioned on the right the charging base. From this image we also understand something else, or at the position of the chip that will allow this recharge. According to the dotted line in fact, this chip will be positioned precisely in the center of the smartphone.

For the moment these are the only data available to us: as soon as we know something more we will not be late to inform you. For those who are already drooling at the idea: no, Oppo Ace 2 will not support 40W wireless charging.

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