He is Optimus, Tesla's humanoid robot presented by Elon Musk

Important day for Elon Musk that of today. In fact, Tesla AI Day 2022 was held, which is a huge event in which, among other things, it was presented Optimus. It is not a Transformer, but something similar. And the Tesla's first humanoid robot. The developers talked about its technical characteristics, showed some of the features and reported a price (albeit estimated). 

Optimus is the humanoid robot that Elon Musk presented at Tesla AI Day 2022. His task is to replace man in his work

A year ago, during the primal announcement, Tesla showed only a tentative blueprint. But today the company showed the current prototype. It is still far from initial promises, but progress is literally in sight. After being independently entered the stage, the robot greeted the audience and even danced, although the movements are still extremely clumsy and unnatural. But after all, can we expect more? We are not at the level of Geminoid HI-1 di Hiroshi Ishiguro ma poco we miss. 

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Inside the robot a Tesla's proprietary computer, among other things responsible for autonomous driving in electric cars. Furthermore, for its formation (which we remember to be continuous) the same algorithms as cars on the road, which greatly simplified development. Responsible for autonomy is a battery with a capacity of 2.3 kWh. According to information given by Musk, it should be enough for the whole day. The robot is equipped with modules Wi-Fi e LTE for wireless connection to the network. 

optimus robot tesla

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The company paid particular attention pay attention to the robot's hands. During development, the engineers tried to replicate the human ones as much as possible, as they are optimally suited for taking objects of various shapes and sizes. Optimus is able to move each finger individually. Inside the hands are a large number of sensors and computers that control movements. The robot's arms are capable of determine their position in space

and therefore to articulate complex movements.

The company showed how the robot carries boxes, takes a watering can and waters the flowers, and also collects various objects. Furthermore, Optimus sees the world around him. Curious thing, Tesla performs crash tests with the robot. The reason? To make sure he continues to function normally after a hit or fall. This experiment is thought to be done for greater resistance in the event of substitution of man for heavy work.

But how much will Optimus, Tesla's first humanoid robot cost?

Let's first say this: yes, it will be for sale just like a car. And this is already a sensational thing. However, according to Musk, the robot will be much cheaper than a car. He mentioned that the price would not exceed $ 20.000. The company predicts that Optimus will be able to free human labor, improving economic productivity exponentially. The tycoon also raised the question of whether people want to be replaced by robots. He stated that Tesla is a public company, which means that the final decision rests with the shareholders. He then concluded by saying:

The public controls Tesla and I think that's a good thing. If I go crazy, you can fire me

optimus robot tesla

After the presentation of the robot, many users have wondered (rightly) if this is the future we want. Future or not, let's talk about progress. Movies like Me, Robot shouldn't take our attention away from one fundamental thing: il progress brings wealth and with this also an improvement in life. But this is a personal opinion. What do you think about it?

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