Does OxygenOS 10.5.6 solve the green display problem on OnePlus 8/8 Pro?

The complaints concerning the two new top of the range OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro have multiplied visibly, which after a few days from the release have been victims of an annoying problem concerning the display. In particular, some units of the Asian brand have shown some green halos, especially at low brightness, thus generating many complaints considering that the display is one of the strengths of these devices. Fortunately, the company immediately ran for cover, releasing a first update that seemed to have partially solved this problem.

Does OxygenOS 10.5.6 solve the green display problem on OnePlus 8/8 Pro?

Oneplus 8

Unfortunately, the initial update was not entirely resolutive and therefore it was necessary to release a new update that brings OxygenOS to version 10.5.6, which should definitively fix the annoying bug, albeit in the changelog attached to the release there is no trace of this, as for the company it is not considered a general bug but limited to some units.

Oneplus 8
  • System
    • Various fixes and improved stability
  • Camera
    • Dirt detection capability improved
    • Improved the photographic experience with the front cam
    • General stability improved
  • Network
    • General stability improved

In the update some improvements are added to the photographic sector as well as fixes for the general improvement related to system and network stability. In any case, the first feedback from the community does not seem to be entirely positive, since activating the DC Dimming you would no longer notice the chromatic aberrations mentioned above, while keeping it deactivated they would continue to be perceptible.

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