Record weight for the next top of the Oppo Reno 3 Pro range, but something is missing

We are now on record when we talk about Oppo. Just three days ago we saw how the brand unveiled in China the largest usable gamepad in the world, dedicated to the cartoon Gundam. But the company's records do not stop at this, but also concern smartphones: first of all is the 65W charging power. In fact, we know how the brand is the first in the world to have achieved this wattage (or whatever voltage you want). We then saw how much it will amount to thickness di Oppo reno 3 pro and told how this will enter guinness by measuring only 7.7 mm (rear sensor excluded). Still on this smartphone, we have two news today, one that will certainly please, while the other we did not expect.

Record weight for the next top of the Oppo Reno 3 Pro range, but something is missing

Although CEO Shen Yi Ren has stated that he has no intention of releasing further news related to Oppo Reno 3 Pro, a fairly listed and trusted insider, he has revealed the record weight of the device that promises really well. Obviously everything was communicated to us through a post on the well-known Chinese social network Weibo.

oppo reno weight 3 pro

The leaker, through this post, made a brief summary of all the features known so far related to Reno 3 Pro that will support the 5G connection. But to join the 4025 mAh battery and 7.7 mm thickness we will also have a weight ranging from 170 to 179 grams. Obviously, to keep everyone a bit on the thorns, the Chinese user has decided not to reveal the data completely but he still gave us very useful information. Not even reaching 200 grams this smartphone would be the light weight champion in the 5G category

: in fact we know that the medium the weight of these devices is around around 210 grams (more or less) according to Meizu CEO Huang Zhang. Among all 5G smartphones we remember Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G with 196 g, Huawei Mate30 Pro with 198 g, iQOO Pro 5G with 217 g and I live NEX3 5G with well 218.5 g.

In short, a revelation that leaves you speechless and that tells us how Oppo wants to continue to amaze everyone in the world of telephony. But there is a "but", given that in the comments of the post a user wanted to touch a sore button. Given all these record features, will we have wireless charging on Oppo Reno 3 Pro? Well no, this device will not support this technology in any way. But after all, do we really need it on this device? Probably the standard version, which will differ not poco from the Pro, it will have this much sought after feature but we are not sure yet.


The weight of the smartphone was made official by the brand's CEO via a Twitter post.


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