The price of the Realme Buds Air, the brand's first TWS headphones, has been unveiled

Among the products that Realme want to cast for extend its offer we also have headphones for music. By now the trend is to produce headphones TWS (true wireless) and forget the cable ones, although many prefer them. A few days ago the brand CEO launched leaks referring precisely to this product foreshadowing aottima qualità combined with a winning design. The proposed colors will be three in total and therefore the only missing data remains the price. Today, however, thanks to users with their eyes on Flipkart, we have discovered how much Realme Buds Air (this is the name) will cost at least in India.

The price of the Realme Buds Air, the brand's first TWS headphones, has been unveiled

For those unfamiliar Flipkart, it is the largest Indian e-commerce portal. In addition to being the source of despair of the continent's user portfolios, it also sometimes serves as a source for unpublished news. This is the case considering that through the page dedicated to Realme Buds Air which will go on sale shortly.


Realme buds air

In this case, the black headphones are shown but the price should also apply to the other two. It's about 4999 Indian rupees, at the current exchange rate around € 63. This is a really bad price considering the Realme Buds Air are the the brand's first TWS headphones: I personally expected a much higher price.

As for the features that will bring we will have to wait for the on December 17st, day of their release. We currently know that they can be charged via type-C cable. Obviously, both for the price range and for the other headphones on the market, there are two things we expect from them: possibility to use thevoice assistant and the presence of the touch control. These two features have now become essential for good quality TWS headphones.


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