Project Cambria: Mark Zuckeberg shows us a preview

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Augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality: these are the words that we will read more often in the future and the credit is (also) of Mark Zuckeberg. Project Cambria is the name of the mixed reality viewer that the CEO of the now former Facebook has in mind to present within a few years. Well, if until now the project has remained hidden, yesterday the head of the most famous company in the world he decided to show it. Specifically, let's see what it is capable of, since the product itself is not yet given to see.

Although not definitively, Mark Zuckeberg CEO of Meta shows us a preview of Project Cambria, the viewer for mixed reality. What a hype!

The head of Meta hosted the first demo of the the world's most advanced VR headset, codenamed Project Cambria. The new product will receive at least one major difference from the company's current solutions, which greatly improves the user experience. As we said, the helmet design is still hidden, but it has already been shown what the world looks like inside. 

For example, in the platform Presence VR (REWIND) launched last fall, the viewers Quest (Oculus) are capable of displaying a real world image in black and white. The new device uses more advanced high-resolution sensors, so that the user sees the whole color environment

and with better quality.

Source | Facebook

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The demos presented show how, using Project Cambria, the user can transform your environment into something completely different, like a fairytale forest, and interact with virtual creatures. The reporters also demonstrated how in virtual reality one can take handwritten notes in a notebook and train with a digital trainer that is projected next to the user.

Janko Rettgers of Protocol was able to personally test the new helmet and shared his impressions. According to him, the video quality broadcast by Project Cambria is not yet photorealistic, but it is clearly better than existing devices and comparable to good quality home video. According to rumors, the helmet Project Cambria will go on sale in September 2022 priced at $ 799, but Meta has not yet confirmed this hypothesis.

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