Qualcomm announces the new FastConnect 6700 and 6900 chips

For better or worse, in 2020, there has often been talk of 5G, the new technology for connecting to the high-speed mobile network, a novelty that is increasingly gaining ground on smartphones, thanks above all to Chinese telephony OEMs, which are increasingly enriching their list with new devices with support for the fifth generation connectivity standard.

The support derives from the processor used, for the vast majority of cases, a Qualcomm solution that today launched two new solutions that will contribute to the performance of 5G, namely the FastConnect 6700 and 6900 chipsets, which will also allow low latency and voice calls and wireless music streaming with quality wired connections.

In fact, the new WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 protocols are integrated: the first is the latest wireless connection standard that operates in the 6GHz band, providing speeds of up to 3,6 Gbps on the 6900 chip and up to 3Gbps on the Qualcomm 6700.


Qualcomm announces the new FastConnect 6700 and 6900 chips

The Bluetooth 5.2 standard instead further increases the speed of the classic wireless connection system, guaranteeing quality audio experiences, responsiveness and reliability, while offering higher speeds and lower latencies.

Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 and 6700 will therefore be the companions of future Qualcomm processors such as the Snpadragon 875.


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