Qualcomm and ASUS smartphone bursts strongly on DxOMark

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Qualcomm created a smartphone in collaboration with ASUS and sold it at a high price. The question we asked ourselves from the beginning is: is it worth the money almost 1500 € for such a device? Luckily there are industry experts like DxOMark to help us evaluate a purchase. After seeing the sound quality, let's see today the one related to cameras. The prepared team has in fact decided to evaluate the photographic sensors of the so-called Snapdragon Insider. Let's see the details together.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Insider, the company's first smartphone built with ASUS is really valid for DxOMark. Cameras make it into the top 5!

Introduced in July, the flagship smartphone “for insiders” has passed camera tests DxOMark. Experts evaluated the device's resilience in a variety of conditions, and according to the test results, the Qualcomm smartphone scored one of the top positions in the ranking of the most expensive devices. The main camera of the device consists of three sensors with a resolution of 64, 12 e 8 megapixel.

qualcomm snapdragon for insiders: the smartphone is evaluated by dxomark

The device is able to resume with 3x optical zoom and record video in 8K @ 30fps quality. According to experts, in almost all shooting conditions, the Qualcomm smartphone has demonstrated an operation of quick and error-free autofocus

. The camera controlled the noise level well, and the photos displayed in the gallery did not differ from the live image.

Even in low light conditions, the device pulled out wide dynamic range, accurate transmission of white balance and when shooting video, the high brightness and image clarity has been preserved both outdoors and indoors.

The black points were errors in the calculation of the contrast values ​​in some scenes e local loss of the object's texture. In addition, some of the photographs showed inaccurate color reproduction (a slight pinkish tinge) and in low light and shooting with a telephoto lens, a lack of white balance. The same shortcomings manifested themselves when recording videos in similar conditions.

As a result of the tests, the smartphone got 133 points, taking fifth place in the DxOMark rating, losing three points to Huawei Mate 40 Pro. 

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