This certification heralds the arrival of Realme Buds Air Neo

It hasn't been long since Realme introduced its very first true wireless headphones, the Realme Buds Air. It was only December when we revealed the price, the features and all the news that the product presented, at one very affordable price. Poco some time later, leaving the aficionados of the brand with a bitter taste, leaks regarding new ones came out TWS headphones, evolution of the first model. However, if until now we only had images that depicted them, today we are in possession of the certification that heralds the arrival of the Real Buds Air Neo, evolution of the basic headphones. This certification comes fromIMDA.

This certification heralds the arrival of Realme Buds Air Neo

For those unfamiliar with this acronym, the IMDA (“Infocomm Media Development Authority") Is a statutory council of the Government of Singapore, under the Ministry of Communications and Information (source). On its portal, headphones have sprung up that have something familiar, that is, the code name. We know that the Realme Buds Air Neo have as code RMA205 and guess what have been certified?

realme buds air neo certification

Irony aside, it seems that after NCC certification is touched to that of Singapore. This movement is symptomatic of the fact that thearrival of the new product is near: obviously, having Realme based in India, the release is expected to be there first and then in other countries. It is certain that will not pass poco time

before you can see them from us, since even the "standard" headphones did not go all the way to Europe, but only in India.

Beyond this certification, we have seen what they look like with a mid in-ear design similar to the previous ones, even if what changes is the design of the stick. While before we had one silver-colored band on the base, in this model it is absent. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the specifications: there are those who say they are one enhanced version and who says otherwise. We are of the opinion that it is worth waiting: on the contrary, we believe that, paraphrasing, “the longer the wait, the higher the yield”Since it really passed poco time from the presentation of the first model.

In short, what do you think? Do you like this model?


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