RAI fee for smartphones, tablets and PCs: the proposal

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Il RAI license fee it is a measure that has been more or less digested by all users. However, since this is integrated into the electricity bill, it is there poco to do. The problem, however, is that Italy, compared to the rest of the countries of the European Union, has the lower amount of revenue coming from it. A few numbers to better understand the need of the public television service in collecting the RAI license fee: 90 euros against 312 in Switzerland or 138 in France. But what is going on? This fee could be extended.

The RAI fee could also be extended to smartphones, tablets and PCs. This is the bill due to RAI revenues halved. The details of the proposal

According to what we learn, the chief executive of public TV, Carlo Fuortes, proposed a sort of recipe to revive the fortunes of RAI. Four modest proposals (as he defined them during his speech) to reverse the economic dynamics and try to approach the best practice europee, without affecting the pockets of the Italians. Actually the do not affect the pockets of Italians it is all to be seen since one of its proposals is that of extend the RAI fee also to smartphones, tablets and PCs.

"Legislative decisions and technological evolution, therefore digital terrestrial and the large television market of premium products”Had a negative impact on receipts. Together with this, as mentioned above, there is the fact that the RAI fee, understood as a fee for public TV, is significantly lower than that of other European countries


The proposals of the chief executive of public TV have obtained a quick rejection by various exponents of the world of politics, starting with Federico Mollicone, Head of Culture of Fratelli d'Italia and member of the supervisory commission on RAI.

The Usigrai executive states in a statement:

After the illustration in the Supervisory Board by the new CEO, it is no longer possible to pretend nothing happened. As we have been denouncing for years, Rai's revenues are incongruous, uncertain, decreasing and unstable due to external factors. The news that could come from the transposition of the European Directive on advertising ceilings risk bringing Rai to its knees. This framework creates strategic disasters because it reduces investments, reduces the possibility of competing to hire new skills, prevents any development project. The proposals put forward by Fuortes to solve the structural node of resources. are largely shareable. If you want to relaunch the Public Service, as always we are ready to do our part, but now it is even more clear that nothing can happen without an intervention on resources

In short, the RAI fee could be extended and there would be nothing to do. What do you think? It would be fair decrease the tax we already pay to extend it to everyone?

Source | Courier Communications

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1 months ago

But why when it suits them they say, must we align ourselves with Europe?
How many things do Italians pay that other European nations do not pay.
I would go back thirty years not to use all these electronic things anymore, you will see that taxes and prices would decrease.